From an early age, I have been passionate about computers and programming. I like to learn practically, for example, in order to learn Objective-C and now Swift in my spare time, I decided to develop and sell several Apps for Apple's iOS platform. I currently have 10 Apps which have collected more than 460,000 downloads to date. One of my apps, Listen Up, has just been localised into more than 25 languages. I am currently working on some of my biggest, most advanced apps yet.

More recently, I've been looking into other platforms (namely wearable computers) to develop for. I have created an extension to my Speak app for the WATCH. I have also designed and built a watch-face called Time for the Pebble Smartwatch. Time has accumulated more than 600 downloads.

I have created a YouTube channel dedicated to helping others understand basic programming concepts. It also has how-to guides on programming simple apps for the iPhone. This channel has accumulated more than 43,000 views so far. I also contribute to an online forum, StackOverflow, where users can get answers to their own (programming) questions or answer other users' questions.

I am fascinated by technology and I keep myself up-to-date with the latest releases and exciting news through multiple mailing lists, the BBC Focus Magazine and the iOS App, Flipboard. The problem-solving aspect of fixing computers really appeals to me and I often help friends and family with any problems they may be having.


I enjoy taking responsible positions and for four years (Years 9 - 12) at school I led the team of volunteers providing all the technical support (computerised lighting, sound, special effects and filming) for my school’s theatrical productions and major events. This, and further such opportunities, developed my ability to communicate effectively and to work with teams under pressure and to deadlines. I was awarded the Headmaster's Commendation for ‘Service to the School’ for those contributions.

In September 2015, I attended a 2 day Lean Six Sigma Champion Programme in Paris. It involved tackling process improvement within companies, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In my spare time, I swim, ski and play piano, cello and bass guitar (in which I recently achieved Grade 6 with merit). I have completed both my PADI Open Water Diver and my PADI Advanced Open Water Diver qualifications, as well as more than 40 dives to date.

I love hearing and reading about the latest space news, including what SpaceX is up to. In January 2016, I was selected to (and did) attend a day of Apple TV Tech Talks in London. You will almost certainly find me glued to my screen for Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June!

During my second year at University of Sussex, I enjoyed the opportunity to take on 3 new students (through the Buddy Scheme) to help them settle in.