St John Ambulance

Between 2012 and 2014, every week for 2 hours, I attended St John Ambulance sessions learning important skills such as first aid, resuscitation and communication with patients. On some weekends I went out with the Division, to provide voluntary first aid where needed, sometimes at large public events (including the London Marathon).

Blood Donations

Since turning 17, I have donated blood 7 times. Giving blood is important to me and I intend to keep doing so.

Royal Parks Half Marathon

In October 2015, my girlfriend and I ran the Royal Parks 2015 Half Marathon to raise money for The Children's Hospital Trust, a charity which supports the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital and paediatric healthcare in South Africa.

Collectively Raised £535.00 (Incl. Gift Aid) Distance Travelled 21,100m

Eurasia Run

In November 2013, Luke (my brother), James (my step-dad) and I ran the 2013 15km Eurasia Marathon to raise money for World Child Cancer, a charity which helps children around the world beat cancer.

Collectively Raised £2078.75 (Incl. Gift Aid) Distance Travelled 15,000m

" Your fundraising efforts were just brilliant and I would just like to personally thank you all for everything that you have all done in support of Word Child Cancer. The £2,078.75 that you all have raised really will make a genuine difference to the lives of children with cancer around the world. The £2,078.75 is enough to provide chemotherapy drugs to 41 children with cancer at our projects. "
• • •
" Without people like you three, our efforts would not be possible and by running this marathon and raising this money you have done an incredible thing. "

Lydia Spencer, Community Fundraising Officer (May 2014)

Did I mention that we did it in animal onesies?